Sunday, June 14, 2015


I’m so very tired of the “oh, woe is me, it’s Monday” attitude. Whining about Monday does nobody any good. It’s old hat and probably hasn’t been funny since Shakespeare said, “forsooth, thy Mondays sucketh”. Fine, he probably didn’t actually say that, but you catch my drift.
Let me bottom line it for you: if you approach your Mondays with a crappy attitude, very likely you’ll have a crappy day. This gives you a massive head start on a crappy week. And a crappy month. Etc. Secondly, the “I hate Mondays” attitude infects (and likely annoys) others and that’s not cool.
Try this on for size instead: realize that you have an opportunity to start fresh. A week is a pretty good platform from which to launch a new initiative or gain some momentum on changing up your life. Find some joy, a bit of fun, and maybe some challenge in whatever it is you do throughout the week. It may be nothing more than the chance to provide for you and yours, but that is noble as hell and deserves the very best in attitude and effort that you can put forth.
I get it. I look forward to my weekends too. I get to spend time with my kids (who I only see once during the workweek). I have the chance to relax and recharge. That time during the week, though: that’s when I focus on providing for them, and it makes me happy as hell to be able to do that. So focus on during your best with right now, rather than staring out the window and daydreaming about going out on your neighbor’s boat for a lazy Saturday.

Lastly: if your week is so consistently miserable that your only solace is your weekend oasis, you may want to rethink your life some. I don’t necessarily mean toss away your nine-to-five gig, though that may be a good idea for some. Do try to at least change your attitude.
Please and thank you.