Friday, May 18, 2012

The Best Thing I've Ever Written

I’ve been working on what may prove to be one of the best things I’ve ever written...  certainly among the most important.  It doesn’t have snappy dialog, heartfelt scenes or artfully crafted sentences.  There’s no dramatic twists or metaphors, nor is there a twist ending.  Actually, you would probably be quite bored you if you read it.  It has a a lot of bullet points, numbers, dates and financial projections.  It even has links to spreadsheets embedded in it. 
It’s my five-year plan.  And it is spectacular.
I decided to set some fairly lofty goals, ones that would really stretch my limits and change my life.  I then broke them down by year, and as I did so I noticed they all started to seem very achievable.  I took it a little further and started to turn those annual goals into monthly goals.  That’s when I realized just how doable this plan really is... there is nothing in it I can’t accomplish.
Here’s the fun part, though... as I worked on this plan more and more and started to believe in it more and more, things started happening, as if on their own accord.  Unexpected opportunities arose.  Odds-defying coincidences happened.  People came into my life just at the right time. In short, I started feeling like the universe was on my side.
I do understand that there will be unexpected obstacles that crop up.  I’m certain I will encounter resistance and perhaps stumble on occasion.  That’s fine.  I can still see the destination with a clarity I haven’t before.  Maybe I’ll fall... no problem.  It’s just a simple matter of standing up, dusting myself off and moving forward.
So try this.  Set some goals, put a solid plan behind them and see what happens.  You won’t regret it.